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Why China's Domestic Water Can't Be Drunk Directly?


The water delivery field includes water supply and drai […]

The water delivery field includes water supply and drainage for urban buildings and municipal water supply and drainage. With the improvement of society's requirements for the quality of water delivery, the urgent requirements for direct drinking water from the pipeline, and the increase of corrosive media in the drainage, more and more water delivery pipelines use stainless steel seamless pipes.

The so-called thick-walled stainless steel pipe refers to a stainless steel pipe whose wall thickness meets or exceeds the thickness required for turning the steel pipe thread. The thick-walled stainless steel pipe can not only be connected by welding, flange, groove, but also by a threaded connection.

In the cities and towns of Europe and the United States, thick-walled stainless steel pipes are used for water delivery from water plants to users, and threaded connections are used indoors, and large-diameter pipes outdoors are grooved, flanged and welded. The water can be directly drunk.

However, in China, because thick-walled stainless steel pipes are relatively expensive, galvanized steel pipes, plastic-lined composite steel pipes, plastic-coated composite steel pipes, plastic pipes, ductile iron pipes, etc. are often used instead.

However, due to the water holding for more than 48 hours, the plastic surface is easy to breed bacteria, and the plastic strength is low, the expansion coefficient is large, and it is easy to age. The galvanized steel pipe is easy to rust and produces yellow water. Coated cement and sand pollute water quality. Therefore, the water transported to cities and towns in China cannot be consumed directly.

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