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What Is The Difference Between Stainless Steel Seamless Pipe And Stainless Steel Welded Pipe


What is the difference between Stainless Steel Seamless […]

What is the difference between Stainless Steel Seamless Pipe and stainless steel welded pipe?


Appearance comparison

1. The appearance of stainless steel welded pipe is generally white and without embroidery. The surface of ordinary seamless steel pipes will have floating embroidery or reddish-brown.

2. The seamless steel pipe is drawn in the process without welding seams, and the material can be ordinary 20 gauge steel or stainless steel.


Process comparison

Stainless steel seamless pipe is long steel with a hollow section and no joints on the periphery. The thicker the wall thickness of the product, the more economical and practical it is. The thinner the wall thickness, its the processing cost will rise significantly; the process of the product determines its limited performance, and generally, the precision of seamless steel pipes is low. : Uneven wall thickness, low brightness on the inside and outside of the tube, high cost of sizing, and there are pitting and black spots on the inside and outside that are not easy to remove; its detection and shaping must be processed offline. Therefore, it embodies its superiority in terms of high pressure, high strength, and mechanical structural materials.

Welded steel pipes are referred to as welded pipes, commonly used steel pipes or steel strips are welded after being crimped by a unit and a mold. Welded steel pipe has a simple production process, high production efficiency, many varieties and specifications, and less equipment investment, but the general strength is lower than seamless steel pipe.

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