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What is the Difference Between Stainless Steel Decorative Pipe and Stainless Steel Water Pipe?


We can often see the application of stainless steel sea […]

We can often see the application of stainless steel seamless pipes in our daily lives. In the eyes of some people, they are no different from stainless steel pipes. Today we mainly explain the difference between decorative pipes and water pipes in stainless steel pipes.

First of all, the commonly used materials of stainless steel decorative pipes are 201 and 304. The material used for stainless steel water pipes must be food-grade or above stainless steel, such as 304 and 316. Although they have little difference in appearance, the decorative pipes are only used for decorative purposes and have few requirements for anti-rust and anti-corrosion. Therefore, 201 stainless steel, which has weak rust resistance, but is cheap, has been favored by the decoration industry. Since water pipes are used for the transportation of drinking water, they have very high requirements for resistance to rust and corrosion, so they must be made of food-grade or higher materials. There is a huge difference in the choice of materials between the two.

In the manufacturing process, because the stainless steel decorative tube is usually only used for decorative applications, the process requirements are not strict, and generally only require no obvious defects on the surface. The requirements for stainless steel water pipes are very strict. In addition to the requirements for smooth and flawless internal and external surfaces, and for drinking water, there are also clear numerical requirements for liquid pressure and intergranular corrosion characteristics.

The applicable standard of stainless steel decorative pipe is: YB/T5363-2016 welded stainless steel pipe for decoration. The applicable standard of the stainless steel water pipe is: GB/T 12771-2008 stainless steel welded steel pipe for fluid transportation. There are obvious differences in the applicable standards between the two.

Stainless steel decorative pipes are widely used, such as anti-theft nets, stair handrails, wall railings, road guardrails, etc. are more common examples. In addition, some other stainless steels that we see outside for decorative purposes are mostly decorative tubes. The scope of application of stainless steel water pipes is relatively simple, that is, they are used as drinking water and industrial water transportation systems.

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