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Two common cleaning methods for stainless steel pipe surfaces


Stainless steel is an iron-based alloy containing chrom […]

Stainless steel is an iron-based alloy containing chromium, nickel, and often aluminum. As long as it meets a series of requirements, it has a certain degree of corrosion resistance. Stainless steel is not a precious metal, it is almost as common as carbon steel, and it is active.

The inert nature of the material is due to the ultra-thin passivation chromium oxide film, which plays an incredible inert effect in humid environments. However, without this film, the material is susceptible to destructive corrosion processes. Therefore, this layer of the film should be well maintained to extend the service life of stainless steel without any problems.

If this film of stainless steel is exposed to excessive chemicals, it will crack and cause corrosion. When this oxide film is corroded away, chemical substances activate the metal, which will cause corrosion. However, stainless steel can repair its oxide film by itself at the same time, which is especially useful when this film is mechanically damaged or the chromium oxide layer is partially lost. Due to the presence of oxygen in the air, the material is passivated by the formation of a new chromium oxide layer in these areas, which is called self-recovery.

Because there are too many chlorides in the environment, this mechanism will be greatly destroyed. If this is the case, chlorides, members of the chlorine family, will form metal salts, which are also corrosion products.

In order to clean the surface of stainless steel, various cleaning techniques have been developed. The two most familiar ones are cleaning with organic and inorganic substances, as well as anode and ultrasonic cleaning methods. In order to reduce the impact on the environment, organic cleaning techniques are often used. This method is widely used on stainless steel pipes.

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