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The Application of Duplex Stainless Steel Pipes in Three Important Fields


Petroleum and natural gas industries are one of the mai […]

Petroleum and natural gas industries are one of the main areas where duplex stainless steel is applied. The oil refining industry was the first sector to use domestic duplex stainless steel, and the longest has been in use for 20 years. The production of small-size duplex stainless steel seamless pipes is now relatively mature. The current urgent need to solve is the production of larger-size seamless pipes and welded pipes, and the production process needs to be developed.

In addition, how to lower the price of duplex stainless steel products is also related to the future development of duplex stainless steel. Although it is important to expand production and produce marketable products, it is important to adopt new technologies and new processes, using molybdenum oxide balls instead of metal molybdenum, nickel oxide instead of metal nickel, reducing smelting costs, and promoting the use of duplex stainless steel continuous casting technology. Improve the yield rate and so on.

The chemical and petrochemical processing industries also cover a wide range. The situation is complicated, and the medium is diverse, and it is also the field where duplex stainless steel is used earlier and more. In the future, the application of stainless steel in the petrochemical industry will continue to increase.

In the fertilizer production industry, aging-strengthened duplex stainless steel is commonly used. With its wear and corrosion resistance, it is used for urea to install the internal parts of high-pressure shut-off valves of various specifications in the main process pipeline. The effect is good. In addition, vigorously explore the potential markets for industrial and civilian use of duplex stainless steel, and develop, test and promote new varieties suitable for national conditions of various countries. In the future, duplex stainless steel will have a very broad application prospect.

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