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Research progress of nickel alloys


Nickel alloy not only has unique corrosion resistance a […]

Nickel alloy not only has unique corrosion resistance and even high-temperature corrosion resistance in many industrial corrosive environments, but also has high strength, good plastic toughness, smelting, casting, cold and hot deformation, processing and welding properties, and is widely used in petrochemicals, energy, marine, aerospace and other fields.

China's nickel reserves rank 6th in the world. Therefore, strengthening the research and development of nickel and nickel-based corrosion-resistant alloys is of great significance for giving full play to China's resource advantages, driving the industrial economy, and satisfying industrial applications.

The nickel content in nickel alloy is above 30%, of which W(Ni+Fe)≥50% is called an iron-nickel-based corrosion-resistant alloy, and W(Ni)≥50% is called nickel-based corrosion-resistant alloy. Zhongdu can be considered as a nickel-based corrosion-resistant alloy.

Nickel-based corrosion-resistant alloys are more and more widely used in industrial fields due to their good mechanical properties, processing properties and corrosion resistance. China has abundant nickel resources. With the rapid economic development, nickel alloys will maintain a strong demand. Therefore, the research and development of nickel-based alloys have important economic and practical significance for making full use of the advantages of nickel and cobalt resources, broadening the product range of Nanxun Yintuo Special Material Plant, enhancing the capabilities of enterprises in the field of deep processing of nickel alloy products, and expanding the market coverage of products.

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