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Nickel Alloy Seamless Pipe And Tube Supplier Introduces The Cutting Method Of Seamless Steel Pipe


Nickel Alloy Seamless Pipe And Tube Supplier introduces […]

Nickel Alloy Seamless Pipe And Tube Supplier introduces the cutting method of seamless steel pipe:

1. Seamless steel pipe cutting problem.
After the seamless steel pipe is straightened, the first inspection of soot blowing is required to determine the length of the cutting head and tail. The purpose of the seamless steel pipe cutting is to remove the ends with cracks, knots, scars, tears, and uneven wall thickness to obtain the required seamless steel pipes to a fixed length. Also, the defects that are difficult to be rescued after inspection are removed, such as internal Folding, internal scarring, severe uneven wall thickness, etc. Generally, the former is cut off on the work line, while the latter is cut off off-line.


2. Control of heat preservation time during heat treatment of seamless steel pipe
The heat preservation time of seamless steel pipes should ensure that the steel pipes in the furnace can be completely burnt through, make the temperature uniform, and complete the necessary structure transformation, to obtain uniform structure and performance. Generally, increasing the heating temperature can appropriately shorten the holding time. When performing low-temperature annealing (including softening, stress relief, and recrystallization annealing), the closer the annealing temperature is to the lower critical point A1, the faster the recovery of seamless steel pipes and the more complete the elimination of work hardening. Therefore, the holding time can also be appropriately shortened.

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