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Analyze the Characteristics of Nickel-based Alloys


Nickel-based alloys generally refer to alloys with Ni c […]

Nickel-based alloys generally refer to alloys with Ni content exceeding 30wt%. Common products have Ni content exceeding 50wt%. Due to their superior high-temperature mechanical strength and corrosion resistance, they are collectively called Superalloy with iron-based and cobalt-based alloys.

First of all, nickel-based alloys have excellent properties. Maintain high strength at high temperatures, and have excellent creep resistance, fatigue resistance and other mechanical properties, as well as oxidation and corrosion resistance, and good plasticity and weldability.

Secondly, the addition of alloys is super complicated. Nickel-based alloys often add more than ten alloying elements to improve corrosion resistance in different environments, as well as solid solution strengthening or precipitation strengthening.

And the working environment is extremely harsh. Nickel-based alloys are widely used in a variety of harsh operating conditions, such as high temperature and high-pressure parts of aerospace flight engine gas chambers, structural parts for nuclear energy, petroleum, marine industries, and corrosion-resistant pipelines.

Nickel-based alloy is the most widely used and strongest material in Superalloy. The name of Superalloy is derived from the material characteristics. It is generally used in high-temperature environments above 540℃, and according to its use occasions, different alloy designs are selected. It is mostly used in special corrosion-resistant environments, high-temperature corrosion environments, and equipment that requires high-temperature mechanical strength. Often used in aerospace, energy, petrochemical industry or special electronics, optoelectronics and other fields.

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